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Leaders in Nonprofit Law

Foundations and nonprofit organizations are essential to the landscape of our society. They provide vital resources and innovative solutions to the unsolved needs of our communities. Yet they work in an increasingly complicated legal environment, where the opportunities are great and the consequences of a misstep can be even greater.

The legal environment is complex, so we keep our approach simple. Leaffer Law Group does one thing – provide cutting-edge legal counsel exclusively to foundations and nonprofits. We combine our general business background with our special expertise in areas important to nonprofits — corporate, tax, charitable giving, regulatory and commercial law. We guide them so they can focus on pursuing their programs and priorities. And we work hard to provide a level of comfort and security while helping them avoid costly mistakes. We leverage every bit of our experience to assist our clients in all stages of their business and all aspects of their missions. After all, we firmly believe we accomplish our mission only when we can help our clients accomplish theirs.